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Emma Walling


“Student, outdoor lover, and laughter seeker”

My favourite place is home (the backyard shown in the photo), where I feel safe and supported. I am surrounded by loved ones and there’s never a dull moment in the Walling household!’


How you do you spend time outside of Coast Sitters?
Studying a bachelor of science, majoring in genetics and chemistry. Spending time in the outdoors, and learning new things.

What is your favourite colour:

Can you change Nappies?

If you were an ice cream, what would you be?
Orange chocolate chip. It isn’t usually recognised as a popular flavour, but once you delve into a spoonful you’ll realise it’s actually delicious. This is like me as a person; once a conversion is started, you’ll see that I am full of energy and you’ll get to know my character very quickly. Orange chocolate chip has integrity, as it can stand alone as a simple bowl of ice cream, or compliment another item. Again, like me as a person.

Youngest age you’d be comfortable looking after?

Position: Sitter

Date of birth: 24-07-1998


Emma Walling