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Holly Reynolds


“Student, youth leader and outdoor enthusiast!”

Much like many true coasties, this photo was taken at one of my favourite local cafe’s down by the beach! I love coming here to catch up with friends and for the coffee of course!


How do I spend time outside of cast sitters:
I am studying a degree in Social Work at Massey University. When I’m not sitting in lectures, you’ll find me running to the ocean for a surf! or youth leading year 9’s at my local church.

Top 3 fav things to do:

  • Surfing
  • Exercise/gym
  • Baking

Bathed kids before:

Can I change nappies:

Favorite Colour:
Khaki green or natural sand shades

Drivers licence:
Yes, Full.

If I were an ice cream what would I be:
I would be cookie dough ice cream. One of the best ice creams about! If you’re a sucker for cookies and vanilla ice cream- there’s no better way to have them, unless its together! It’s Sweet and gentle but full of flavour and fun! Can never go wrong with cookie dough!

Youngest age comfortable looking after:
18 Months

Position: Sitter

Date of birth: 06-09-2000


Holly Reynolds