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Mia Banks


“Paramedic student, baker, and nature lover”

Mia is studying to become a paramedic. She loves baking and adventuring outdoors, and will be even happier if you have animals in your home to play with too!


How you do you spend time outside of Coast Sitters?
My favourite thing to do on the coast is head down to Red Beach with my dog
Tai, so that we can both go for a swim and soak up the sunshine. 🙂

Favourite colour:

Capable with children over:
1 year old

Full driver’s license?


If you were an ice cream, what would you be?

I would be chocolate chip cookie dough. I’m sweet and without fail will always put a smile on your face. Whether it be a day at the beach or a movie night in, this is the perfect ice cream flavour for any occasion.

Position: Sitter

Date of birth: 17-09-2000