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Nicole Buchan


“Student, beach lover, and book worm”

Like many Coasties, my favourite place is the beach and this is me at my local in Orewa! I’m often here walking with friends and family, or on a sunny day swimming in the ocean!


How you do you spend time outside of Coast Sitters?
Nicole studies nutrition and psychology. You’ll find her deep in a good book, baking up a storm in the kitchen, or strolling the beach.

Can you change Nappies?

Whats your favourite colour?

Drivers license type:

If you were an ice cream, what would you be?
I would be a strawberry real fruit ice cream. I like to keep things real, honest, and fresh! They also taste like summer, and that’s my favourite time of the year!

Youngest age you’d be comfortable looking after?
18 Months

Position: Sitter

Date of birth: 18-11-1999