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Pam Clarke


“Teacher Aide, Park and Beach lover”

How you do you spend time outside of Coast Sitters?
I recently completed an ESOL course. I work at the local school doing before and after school care.

Top 3 favourite things to do?

  • Explore new places
  • Walking at Shakespeare park
  • time with my family

Can you change Nappies?

What’s your favourite colour?

Drivers license type:

If you were an ice cream, what would you be?
Rum and raisin because like the rum I’m better with age, and wrinkly like the raisins haha

Youngest age you’d be comfortable looking after?

Do you have cooking skills?
Sure do

Have you bathed kiddies before?
Sure have

Have you completed a First Aid Course?
Yes – Certificate issued July 2019

Position: Sitter

Date of birth: 10-09-1965


pam clarke